Coffee Machine Water Filtration

Coffee Machine Water Filtration is Crucial For Your Coffee Machine Longevity.

Perfect Espresso Requires Perfect Water – Hence the absolute importance to run world-class water filtration systems

Why Water Filtration Matters.

Water filtration is actually a large and complicated topic, but it is one that deserves attention because it is very important for the longevity of your espresso machines.

The mineral content in tap water is likely an espresso machine’s biggest enemy, and hard tap water can lead to a buildup of limescale that will require expensive maintenance or even kill of your machine prior to its natural lifespan.

However never fear because today’s market has an abundance of filtration products to help you pamper your espresso machine and keep it running like new for many years.

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What is Water Hardness?

Hard water refers to water containing higher levels of minerals like lime.

Because the hardness of your water is so important for the health of your machine, most espresso machines will come with a test strip so you can measure the hardness of your water.

Keep in mind that water that has a lot of lime, in particular, will run through filters more quickly so you will need to change them more often.

Many of today’s machines will figure out everything for you so you actually don’t need to worry about anything itself.

Professional brands will measure your water hardness, monitor your filters, and even inform you when a filter needs to be changed.

Cheaper machines will simply base this on the length of time, but the fancier machines will even record the amount of water that comes through the filters for a more exact estimate of when the filter needs to be replaced.

What if my machine isn’t equipped for Coffee Machine Water Filtration?

If you are stuck with a machine – or just have a really good one that you don’t want to replace – that can’t be equipped with a water filtration system, it is still possible to buy pre-filtered water.

It is recommended to measure the hardness of your bottled water in any case, however, as the mineral content can vary even across different pre-filtered, bottled waters.

You can also contact the company to inquire about the mineral content or hardness of their brand of bottled water, or even the manufacturer of your machine to see if they know whether a particular brand of bottled water is suitable for their machines.

It is also important not to forget about changing your filter regularly, regardless of whether you are relying on a smart filter or on pre-filtered water. Running water through an expired filter may end up being too hard, canceling out the whole purpose of having the filter in the first place.


is an expensive and time-consuming process, as it is recommended not to self-descale as you can seriously damage your machine. This means you will need to bring in your machine to a technician each time, possibly shutting down your coffee operation until the process is completed.

However, by filtering your water properly you can make sure that there will be as much time as possible in between each of this descaling.

Finally, fresh filtered water simply makes your coffee taste better!

Coffee Machine Water Filtration

Eliminating the variable of mineral content will not only make your coffee tastier but also more consistent, so you can better hone your signature cup!


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