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Koffeeone CEO Peter Walker, recently personally visited one of Koffeone’s new licensed hotel clients in Bankstown, Sydney.

He stated “how great it was to see more and more hotels increasing their beverage offering by supplying great tasting coffee as a viable alternative when out with friends, having lunch or just taking a break from the everyday.”

People often buy a good tasting coffee from anywhere, at anytime, and there are a growing number of consumers like this both in Australian and New Zealand.

Of course it helps a coffee making establishment when they choose to use a professional coffee machine -sourced from a reputable Sydney coffee machine supplier.

Koffeeone is a leading Coffee Machine Supplier Sydney

For this particular Bankstown hotel it was a Koffeeone Multi Automatic Coffee machine which was the best fit for their establishment, and here is why.

So far the breakdown of the coffee beverage statistics has been,

  • Espresso Coffee 5108
  • Long Black Coffee 2137
  • Cappuccino Coffee 18567
  • Ex Foam Coffee 10395
  • Flat White Coffee 8964
  • Latte Coffee 6780
  • H/Water (Tea) 19633

It’s so important to chose the right automatic coffee machine (from the right Coffee Machine Supplier Sydney) and with these statistics you can see commercially there is a lot a stake.

So call Koffeeone or check out our range online and start supplying your guests with the best coffee from our traditional or automatic coffee machine range.