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We understand it can be disappointing when your coffee machine is not performing properly. It can be especially worrisome if you do not know how to solve the problem. That is why our team of Koffeeone (coffee machine service company) technicians understands how you feel when you call us. Whether your machine needs a little TLC or something more involved like an espresso machine service, we are on standby to help you.


Generally, the rule of thumb implies you should get your coffee or espresso machine serviced annually. If you are using it heavily, then a more frequent servicing appointment may be what you require. Not only can servicing help extend the overall life of the machine, but it can also make the taste and consistency of each cup better. When you get your machine serviced, you can help to avoid a complete breakdown of the machine’s mechanics. This can help you avoid expensive repair bills in the future.

A coffee machine can represent a place’s biggest moneymaker. If you don’t address issues, your problem could become irreparable and you might require a modern machine. You can schedule our technicians to come on site at convenient times and look to see if there are any areas of concern.

What Does a Coffee Machine Service Entail?

There are many steps to this process of maintenance. The technicians will replace any necessary materials. These are washers, shower plates, seals, group heads and gaskets. They will also strip and clean the group heads as well as the water arms and valves. If any of these parts need replacing, they will do so. Ultimately, they will check the machine settings and make adjustments as necessary.

When you get this servicing, the technicians will also enable you to identify the shape that your machine is in overall. If you want to include other services, we might recommend we look for ways to reduce the likelihood of calcium build up.

Calcium Treatment Replacement Unit

Calcium Treatment Units (CTU‘s) ensures your machine is being undamaged due to a build-up of limescale. If your water is hard or just of a lesser quality, it can cause a direct effect on the machine. The CTU typically reduces chlorine, magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, and heavy metals in the water before it even hits the machine.

This will overall prevent limescale build-up on the machine and improve the flavor of each cup of coffee. Untreated water actually accounts for 70% of all problems with a coffee machine. It can also cause wasting of energy as the limescale can typically prevent the machine from working at optimum. This means precisely you might be undoubtedly getting a larger energy bill each month in the first place.

We highly recommend you also look at changing your water filters every year. If your business place is populous, then we would indeed suggest you change them more frequently. We can sufficiently supply, fit, and replace CTU’s even if you are not acquiring a service at the time. Even if you didn’t purchase the machine from us initially, our servicing is open to you.

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Available to you the very best range of wholesale coffee machines, commercial automatic coffee machines, and espresso machines. We guarantee the reliability and longevity of operation of every coffee machine that is easy to use. Quality after sales service with 12 months warranty.

Koffeeone is a dedicated coffee machine wholesaler and supplier with more than 30 years experience and expertise. We are committed to providing 100% pure espresso coffee every time. Get in touch with us to find out the best coffee machines you need for your business.Call 02 9818 4677 today!

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