Coffee Machine Service

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coffee machine serviceOur Coffee Machine Service engineers, who work nationwide, are on hand 24 hours a day to look after and maintain your coffee machine.

Coffee machines are an expensive, hard working piece of equipment that, like vehicles, need regular scheduled maintenance.

We advise that a coffee machine service should occur at least once a year in order to prolong their working lives, lessen the chance of breakdowns and eliminate costly periods of downtime.

Our fine-tuning method is typically carried out on site of the home of the machine, to make it an effortless process for you. A regular servicing should not take any longer than a few hours.

Depending on the model, a typical coffee machine service will involve:

  • The replacement of all worn out washers, gaskets, shower plates, group heads and seals
  • A strip and wash of all group head
  • A strip, inspection, thorough scrub and if necessary replacement of all water and steam arms and valves.
  • An examination of all common machine settings, and, if required, an adjustment
  • All you need to know about the overall condition of the machine, and any recommendations about any restorations and services that may be needed

Whilst on site, we are able to perform a few other useful inspections in addition to our comprehensive service package, including a calcium treatment unit replacement and a boiler inspection.

Coffee Machine Service – Calcium Treatment

Calcium treatment units, or CTUs, make sure that your coffee machine is not harmed by the continued build up of limescale.

Here at Koffeeone, our team can supply, install and replace CTUs for all commercial and domestic coffee machines, whether or not it is during a service.

It may come to a surprise to some, but all coffee machines are required have an up to date boiler certificate as per the Health & Safety Act of 1974. Hence, to be able to adhere to this, the boiler of your coffee machine therefore requires a regular examination from a trained, qualified boiler technician.

Luckily enough, we are also able to offer this inspection on site, which can be carried out with your coffee machine’s regular service.

No matter if you initially bought your machine from us or not, our servicing facility is available to all. Call us now to book your annual service.

We can also supply you a new machine, our Pierro Alaskan is state of the art