Enjoy your coffee machine for a long time

servicing a coffee machine

Professional coffee machine maintenance service

At Koffeeone, you are guaranteed to enjoy your espresso machine knowing that your reliable investment is well maintained, repaired if need be and comes with our professional coffee machine maintenance service.

Coffee Machine Maintenance

Our coffee machine maintenance of your espresso machines cover all of the following areas, to ensure easy and continuous operation of your espresso machine:

Chemical elements of coffee beans, including oils, acids and plant fats, are often deposited throughout many points in the machine, which can often cause problems with the machine if not throughly cleaned over time.

The various minerals and salts contained in tap water may also prove to be a point of concern in maintaining your espresso machine.

Although the scale which is deposited in the machine should be removed in every repair service, some of these minerals in the water add to the richness of the coffee.

Among many other things, the solenoid valves of the espresso machine, being where either coffee or water flows, are naturally worn out due to the enormous amounts of pressures that the coffee and water as mentioned before places on the valves.

These valves need to be assessed in ever service, and if need be, repaired by a qualified technician.

In addition, any parts that have been recognised as being fairly worn out should be replaced, including the boiler.

To learn more about the necessary service requirements of your espresso machine, please don’t hesitate to contact Koffeeone.

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