How coffee machine leasing could help your business

staff coffee machineOur coffee machine leasing program is ideal for businesses of all sizes

We strive to ensure that the coffee machines we lease out to our clients have a high degree of elegance.

The machines we have will not only serve to make you coffee but will also make your counter tops look stunning. Together with the coffee machine comes a lot of extra services that we offer to ensure that our customers get the most out of the machines and in the long run, out of their businesses.

The benefits of coffee machine leasing from Koffeeone are:

We spoil you for choice.

Our variety of machines we have will blow your mind. Apart from different espresso machines and the bulk-brewers that most coffee vendors would kill to have, we have machines imported from Australia, which I known to produce the best coffee making machines. You can therefore contact us if you need any machine.

If the machine seems to miss in our inventory, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us as our customer care staff are more than willing to offer you solutions. The best part is that those with businesses that produce high amounts of coffee can lease the machines on loans. You don’t have to worry about how the machine will reach you as we have that sorted.

Our promise is that we try our best to make sure that customers get what they want in the fewest days possible. Your business is assured of continuity. You don’t have to stop making money just because one of your best coffee making machines broke down.

We understand that the machines have a possibility of doing this and this is why our package comes with a regular maintenance service.

To ensure that the machines keep running on their best conditions without the possibility of breaking down, we have field service engineers who have been equipped with excellent skills and know the machines like the back of their hands. In case the machines break down, the engineers will be on site within no time and statistics show that they get the machines fixed the first time.

You won’t have to wait.

We train you It is an undeniable fact that new equipment may not be easy to use.

It may also take time for your staff to adapt using the equipment and this may lower your business output. We have this covered as we provide you with staff to train your employees fast. The training is tailored to ensure that the training is specific. We pump life into your business Koffeeone keeps your business hyped and in the know by providing you with expert advice on how to run it whenever you need it.

We are confident about the advices we give as we have over the years dealt with numerous coffee outlets across the country. You can also make time to visit our premises and get a chance to interact with various coffee business people and get insights about the business. This is mostly suitable for start up businesses.