The specialty coffee industry can be a tricky and competitive one to work in. Luckily for you, we’ve got the seven steps to establishing a successful business in the specialty coffee industry.

Expert Coffee Industry Advice

STEP 1: Find the right location.

Focus on finding the right location is the first step for a reason, location is always key in establishing a successful business in the coffee industry.

STEP 2: Pay attention to equipment layout to maximise efficiency.

The ideal layout for your coffee bar allows for all procedures in the operation of your coffee shop to be done efficiently and effectively. It ensures that your product is made and distributed to your customers in as little time as possible.

STEP 3: Concentrate on purchasing the highest quality ingredients and equipment.

By sourcing the highest quality ingredients and choosing the latest and greatest equipment, you’re guaranteed to keep your consumers happy at the least. Since quality ingredients only cost a little extra per serving, it would be unwise not to invest to keep customer satisfaction levels high.

STEP 4: Pay attention to your marketing strategies.

Marketing your business can be difficult, and costly, at times. But neglecting this vital function can only harm to your business. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny and witness the successful results.

STEP 5: Train your staff.

Thorough training, for both owners and baristas, is one of the most essential factors in establishing and operating a successful coffee shop.

STEP 6: Quality customer service is key.

Great customer service doesn’t occur naturally. It is the differentiating factor that could drive repeat business to your coffee shop. Incorporate customer service discussions in your staff training to maximise the results.

STEP 7: Prioritise cleanliness.

Turn cleanliness into a competitive advantage to once more differentiate yourself from your competition.