One thing is for certain, you know how you like your coffee. But, how do you actually know about the caffeinated beverage that gets you up in the morning? So, grab yourself a cup and enjoy these seven tasteful coffee facts.

Coffee History

the-history-of-coffeeCoffee lovers, you can thank a herd of dancing goats for bringing you this drink.

According to folk tale, Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder noticed that whenever his herd would much on the red berries of a strange tree on his land, they would all become energised and euphoric. So, as any of us would’ve done, Kaldi tried the berries for himself, and it didn’t take long for him to end up dancing around with his herd of goats.

Originally, coffee was chewed, not sipped.

Coffee has not always been a liquid delight, in fact, historians found that the first African tribes to consume coffee had done so by grinding the berries with animal fats, and rolled these treats up into edible balls of energy. This was common up until 1000CE, when the beans where turned into a special wine, before evolving into the coffee we know and love today.

Arguments against coffee

During the 18th century, governments across the world were attempting to stamp out coffee as they believed it stimulated radical thinking and poor drinking choices.

Beer vs. Coffee

As coffee consumption grew over the years, Frederick the Great of Prussia in 1777 was so worried that coffee intake was interfering with Prussians beer drinking habits, he issued a statement encouraging citizens to drink beer, rather than coffee, with their breakfast.

Happy 250th Birthday Instant Coffee!

Convenience has always been a concern of the human race, especially amongst coffee drinkers, which is further demonstrated by the fact that instant coffee first stepped out onto the scene in 1771, England. However, the process took many years to evolve, and the first mass produced instant coffee was introduced in the United States in 1910.

Finland, the King of Coffee

Finland takes out the prize for the country with the highest coffee consumption. Surprising fact, as the country does not produce any beans for itself. Yet, that doesn’t stop the Finnish from drinking almost three times as much coffee as Americans every year.

More to the name ‘Mocha’

Mocha is a very important port city located on the Red Sea in Yemen. Up until the 17th century, almost all the world’s coffee was produced in the Middle East, making Mocha the world’s top coffee marketplace with it’s ideal shipping access.

However, the expansion of commercial powers to European colonies in Asia and South America diminished Mocha’s commercial powers, the beans from Mocha were still so popular in Europe that the name, ‘Mocha’ became a shorthand for any top of the range coffee.

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