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The Team At Coffee Grinding Machine Supplier Koffeeone Share Interesting Information About The Coffee Grinding Process

After a coffee bean is roasted, the freshly ground coffee is in a race against time and oxygen. The consequence of oxidation are exponentially increased by process of grinding the coffee bean. According to the SCAA Brewing Handbook as well as a coffee bean’s surface area increases by over 10,000 times when ground for espresso.

What does this mean for your average cup of coffee?

1. Loss of Carbon Dioxide CO2

Carbon Dioxide, created during the coffee bean roasting process is stored within the bean but slowly releases from the coffee bean after the roasting process. The release of CO2 within the bean slows the effects of oxidation. After the coffee grinding process, CO2 will dissipate within minutes.

2. Loss of Flavour & Aroma

The coffee’s flavour compounds and delicate aroma are protected by the bean itself.

Some of these compounds are encapsulated inside proteins and carbohydrates, and are only released when disturbed.

Even as a whole coffee bean, coffee loses these aromatic compounds to oxidation and dissipation over a period of time.

Once the coffee is ground, the compounds begin to oxidize straight away, and the most fragrant compounds are also the most susceptible.

Peter Walker, CEO of Koffeeone states “The sweet-smelling aldehydes are the first compounds to be released, closely followed by the buttery aromas. Next, the earthy pyrazines dissipate.”

As aldehydes continue to oxidize, Peter said, they create a new set of strong smelling compounds, which then mix with sulfur compounds to create an ash and green pea aroma .

3. Loss of Antioxidants

The full health benefits of antioxidants in coffee is still being researched. With that said, at least one antioxidant — the phenol compound, caffeic acid — is prone to oxidation.

Grind Consistency

Just as important as using fresh grounded coffee is the consistency of the grinding.

A recent series of blind taste tests compared pre-ground coffee to fresh coffee ground with an erratic blade grinder, and results were pretty much unconvincing for the fresh coffee compared to the pregrounded. How can this be?

According to research conducted in the 1960’s by the Coffee Brewing Institute, coffee is about 30% soluble by weight. That means about 70% of the bean is insoluble organic matter. Despite 30% of the bean being soluble, you don’t want it all to dissolve into your coffee.

The Coffee Brewing Institute created a coffee brewing chart which highlights the balance between coffee extraction and strength.

According to the chart, extracting anything less than 18% of the coffee and more than 24% can create unwanted flavours.

Under-extracted coffee can taste tea like and sour and, while over-extracted coffee turns extremely bitter. The more inconsistent your grind through the grinding process, the more likely you’ll be to under- or over-extract certain coffee grounds.

Deal Direct With The Coffee Grinding Machine Supplier / Wholesaler

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Peter Walker CEO KoffeeOne

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