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Expert Commercial Coffee Beans Advice

How to Store Coffee Beans.

The place to store coffee is in the dark.

However, you can’t store coffee in the dark forever. It isn’t enough that you merely place them in a jar and place them on the kitchen table.

While the coffee beans will still be good for consumption and making coffee, days after they have been roasted, all the main qualities of a good coffee will have gone making the coffee tasteless. It is therefore recommended to use the coffee beans with the first few weeks of purchase or failure to do that store the coffee in the right manner.

By storing your coffee in the right way, you will increase the longevity flavor of the coffee.

The following dos and don’ts will help you ensure you have the best coffee beans:

  1. Keep the temperature of the container you have stored the coffee beans fairly constant.
  2. Decrease the movement of the air in the container.
  3. Lessen the exposure of the beans to the sunlight.
  4. Ensure that you keep the beans away from the moisture. This is because coffee can absorb anything from the environment such smells and moisture all which affects the quality of the coffee beans.

How to properly store coffee:You should by first storing the beans in an opaque container and place it on cardboard, Ensure that the cardboard is kept away from heated sources or external ways such as a radiator, boiler or oven. Metal containers should not be used too.

Other good options are ceramic ones.

When you want to keep the beans in their original packing, then make sure that the top of the bag is rolled down as much as possible and the seal sealed with an adhesive tape or elastic band.

The main purpose of doing this is to keep moisture out of the container as much as possible. It is advisable you add beans only when they are needed and not in bulk especially if you are not using on demand coffee grinder.

Should you freeze coffee?This is one of the most question people ask about storing coffee, and the answer is big NO. But when you have purchased in bulk, and you can’t sell them all, then exceptions can be made.

Freezing of coffee should be done once, and you should follow the procedure:* Separate the coffee beans into small portions and this will allow you to take only the amount of coffee you want.

Thawing and freezing process will allow beans lose some of its characteristics hence the reason you should only freeze once.* You can double or triple bag beans. Freezer are full of moisture, and this will help the beans not lose the moisture hence not being damaged.

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