Coffee Machines are Making Coworking and Hot Desking More Appealing

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Over the past few years, flexible working conditions have started becoming increasingly popular.

Owing to a rise in freelancing and self-employment, more than 15% of employees in the world today have become their own boss.

Moreover, with more and more companies experimenting with innovative methods to lower their costs and foster collaboration, the amount of people now hot desking or coworking has risen dramatically as well.

Because of these developments, the way offices are being designed, set up, and operated has begun to change as well.

Companies have begun to take the need more seriously to make sure that workers without any personal base of their own can feel confident and at ease at work.

In the same way, companies that operate coworking spaces have to ensure that their office space appeals to the wandering freelancer.

The Hot Desking Boom

Hot desking has started to become much more common in workplaces throughout the world.

Hot desking’s fundamental principle is about getting rid of personal workstations in favour of community desk setups that are open to everyone. Workstations like these are generally follow a first come, first serve ethic, so that employees are expected to carry their own computer and other office kit with them.

Hot desking, incidentally, has also been shown to lower the costs of running an office by up to 30%. Additionally, this dynamic circulation can encourage employees to meet new people, develop a larger network of collaborators, and can improve office morale as a whole.

One of the downsides, however, of hot desking is that it takes a way any fixed base an employee has in their office.

Accordingly it is important for employers to make sure that their employees still feel acknowledged and appreciated, and the most cost-effective means of doing this is more than likely by installing a high grade coffee maker.

Great coffee also gives employees something to congregate around, and can help to establish a dynamic social hub in your workplace.

Making Coworking Spaces More Appealing

Another of today’s rising new trends is something called coworking, which means hiring out desks or entire office areas on a weekly or even daily basis to freelancers or other self-employed people, who can use this office space for as long as they need for either short-term or long-term projects.

This coworking space industry is already becoming competitive, with 80% of the already existing spaces getting ready to expand in view of the increasing demand.

In order to make these spaces competitively appealing to freelancers, it is no longer enough simply to offer desks and free internet. A dynamic community of collaboration and innovation will draw freelancers more than anything else, and a communal area that provides excellent coffee is the best way to get a community like this rolling.

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