Koffeeone has been servicing the Eye Institute in Sydney for over 5 years with a Koffeeone automatic clinic coffee machine, so the team at Koffeeone would like to give a big shout out a great client, and also share with you an example of the functionality of having a great automatic coffee machines in your clinic environment.

Imagine the ease of supplying your staff and clinic clients with a freshly ground espresso coffee or a coffee of their choice at the touch of a button.

Well a Koffeeone automatic clinic coffee machine has been doing just that, for the office staff, Doctors and patients of the Eye Institute, and the clinic coffee machine in question promises to continue to bring great coffee for many more years to come.

If you can picture a traditional coffee machine or automatic clinic coffee machine in your business or clinic, drop the team at Koffeeone a line or email them at sales@koffeeone.com.au and they will make an automatic coffee machine for your clinic, a reality.