Only A Clean, Well Maintained Espresso Machine Will Produce Great Espressos

Here are a step by step guide on cleaning espresso machines

  • Using a stubby screwdriver, remove any screens in the group head.
  • Wash and rinse these screens in hot water, before reinserting them back into the espresso machine with a screwdriver — be sure not to over tighten!
  • Place one quarter of a teaspoon of espresso cleaning powder in the blind basket, to backflush each group head at least five times. Leave the detergent in the blind basket for up to 10 seconds for better results.
  • Thoroughly rinse away the detergent, then backflush the machine seven more times for 10 seconds.
  • Purify the steam wands of the machine with a jug of cold water and 30mls of cleaning solution for 15 seconds. Re-steam once more using fresh cold water for another 15 seconds.
  • Wipe clean any milk build-up on each steam wand.
  • Moving on to the dosing chamber, brush away any old remaining coffee grains.
  • Remove and store any leftover coffee beans from the bean hopper in an air tight container overnight.
  • Finally, to remove any oily residue, steam and wipe dry the bean hopper.