How to Clean your Carimali Multi Coffee Machine

 To Clean your Carimali Multi Coffee Machine please view the video’s below


Cleaning The Brewer

Cleaning The Foaming Device

How to clean the Coffee Machine

Note: If during this process the message screen reads OFF simply press the lightning / on button and it will start at the same point of cleaning.

1. Press and hold decaf / clean button until message reads: Cleaning Group & clean.
2. Press decaf / clean button again quickly. Message reads: Open Front Panel / Cleaning Group & clean.
3. Open front panel & sweep excess coffee grounds around tamper from right to left so that it falls into the coffee grounds bin.
4. Close the panel and wait for message: Insert cleanser
5. Reopen and drop tablet into the cavity under the tamper.
6. Close and message reads: Group cleaning. It will now self clean for around 5 minutes.

Next step:

7. Remove milk and discard. Clean the milk container and inside the small fridge.
8. Place 30 – 50 mls of “Clean Machine” in a large stainless jug that is filled with 600ml of water.
9. Place in the fridge with milk tube nozzle in the water.
10. Press and hold decaf / clean button for 5 seconds until Cleaning Group & clean. message appears
11. Press the Hot Water / + button once and message should read: Milk.
12. Press decaf / clean  It will now self clean – when instructed replace detergent in container  with fresh clean water
13. Press decaf / clean machine will now rinse foaming device
14. Clean drip tray and Grounds bin and allow to dry
15. Sweep and clean under grounds bin and around machine

It is now ready for use again