Apotex Installs A New Carimali Multi Automatic Coffee Machine

Carimali Multi Automatic Coffee MachineApotex recently engaged Koffeeone to install a brand new Carimali multi automatic coffee machine in their staff kitchen.

As Koffeeone’s founder and CEO, I enjoy tagging along with our machine installation experts to see coffee machine installations particularly when it’s in a corporate office.

My anticipation tends to build as the installation process is finalised and the testing of the coffee begins.

It was exciting to see the Apotex staff line up to taste their first cup of coffee from the great performing Carimali Multi Automatic Coffee Machine.

To see the look on the staff members faces, as they enjoy a cafe quality coffee coming at the touch of button, really makes my job satisfying on a number of different levels.

You to can have a Carimali Multi Automatic Coffee Machine is your corporate office, and watch as your staff get excited.

Contact the team at Koffeeone today to organise a demonstration on the quality automatic coffee machines we have in our range.