Carimali Coffee Machine Supplier

Producing And Exporting Best Coffee Machines

Since its establishment in the year 1919, Carimali Coffee Machine supplier has been producing and exporting full-automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines all over the world. These coffee machines are made of high-quality materials which include:

Carimali Optima Soft Automatic Coffee Machine

This is one of their best-performing machines. It is considered to be a cutting-edge bean-to-cup coffee machine from its display touch-screen. The machine can hold up to 30 coffee drink selections, customisable depending on your product choices.

For a few drink selections, the machine can only hold a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 drinks. The size of your drink choice will either be small, medium, or the large cup. You can you a USB cable to upload videos, customised images or sounds into the machine.

To minimise the cleaning cost, the cleaning operations of the machine are automatic. It just takes a few minutes for the operator to start cleaning up. This helps to save time as well.

Your Coffee Machine Expert



Koffeeone, Carimali coffee machines supplier, makes available to you the best range of wholesale coffee machines, espresso machines, and the commercial automatic coffee machines. Koffeeone machines are reliable and offer a longer period of service. We also offer a 12-month quality warranty for the product.

Our machines are classified into different categories which will include:

Business Coffee Machines

In this category, we offer all types of business coffee machines that you may dream of. From the automatic business coffee machines to traditional Espresso coffee machines. Depending on the type of the business you are operating, we shall offer you the coffee machine that will perfectly suit your business.

Corporate Coffee Machines

As a company, Koffeeone understands that every corporation is different from specific coffee requirements. Therefore we have specific corporate coffee machine packages. Each package is tailored to your needs with a specific commercial automatic coffee machine or a traditional espresso machine. We would like your business and assist you with your new corporate coffee machines.

Industrial Coffee Machines

In this category, we have a specific style of coffee machines. We cover all your requirements regarding styles and brands of your industrial coffee models.

You may wonder how the company, Koffeeone, has been able to thrive for such a long period. We have been able to maintain our customers’ loyalty for all these years. The secret behind this is the fact that we guarantee the longevity of our machines operations. We also ensure that your commercial automatic machine needs less of your attention to operate.

As a dedicated coffee machine wholesaler and supplier, we are committed to ensuring that all our customers get a 100% service satisfaction. We have more than 30 years of work experience in this industry that enables us to address your needs all the time. In case you are in need of a coffee machine for your business consider giving us a call. We assure offering you with the perfect coffee machine for your business that will save you time and cost of operation.

Want to know more about these powerful products? Contact Koffeeone today, and we’ll be happy to help you settle on the best coffee machine that meets your office needs! Call 02 9818 4677.