Carimali  Automatic Coffee Machines


Carimali automatic coffee machines

Carimali armonia smart automatic coffee machine

Carimali now has a new state of the art manufacturing plant combined with its headquarters in Chignolo d’Isola. Perfectly located in an industrial environment which is dynamic and one of the fastest  growing area’sin Europe

Carimali dedicate great resources and  investments in Research & Development, which allows Carimali  the opportunity to develop and launch their products in compliance with  ISO 9001, this regulation defines all the requirements needed to deliver efficient systems with quality management for every possible  corporate process, ensuring Carimali continues to improve its efficiency in its production and in its service.

Carimali recently listed by two major certifications: ISO 14001, Environmental Management standard, and SA 8000, A Corporate Social Responsibility achieved by very few companies all over the world.  Carimali take their  corporate responsibilities very seriously

Carimali multi automatic coffee machine

Carimali Multi automatic coffee machine – a Favourite automatic coffee machine of many large corporate companies

The Carimali automatic coffee machine team along with our  traditional coffee machine teams are highly skilled and qualified . Carimali satisfy every single need of our international customers in a continuously evolving market, carimali are always guaranteeing helpful assistance and appropriate solutions.

Carimali is unique, its one of the very few companies that is able to offer a complete range of traditional espresso coffee machines and super automatic coffee machines. Since 1919 Carimali have manufactured and exported professional coffee machines all over the world,  through a very professional international agents network and sales network.

With more than 90 years’ experience in  know-how carimali contribute to the worldwide development of Italian espresso  culture, respecting the traditions of each single market where our products are distributed.

Our passion for innovation and dedication to our customers make our company a market leader in the coffee machine industry, all our customers can enjoy an authentic Italian espresso or cappuccino made by engineers at any hour of the day in any corner of the world!

Carimali and Koffeeone together offer a fantastic espresso coffee experience