Here are 8 simple secrets to care for your coffee beans:

  1. Keep your coffee beans in a cool and dry place, to ensure they stay fresher for longer.
  2. To keep your coffee beans even fresher, store them out of direct light, either in a dark place or a non transparent container.
  3. Do not store your coffee beans in a fridge, as they are full of moisture.
  4. Only place the amount of coffee beans you will need for a day in the hopper. To make your beans last even longer, top up your hopper throughout the day.
  5. If you can’t manage to use a full bag of coffee beans in a day, aim to keep any air out of the bag when tying off the opening of the bag before putting the beans back into storage.
  6. Only fill your hopper at the beginning of the day, or whenever needed.
  7. Aim to avoid leaving ground coffee in a hopper for over two hours, as the taste starts to deteriorate just after 30mins of sitting. This problem can be solved by using an on-demand coffee grinder, to create freshly ground coffee whenever needed.
  8. The coffee beans packaged in valved packaging last for around 12 months, but the taste peaks within the first 3 months.