Cafe Espresso Machine Advice For Baristas

Many coffee enthusiasts travel to their favourite coffee shop to participate in the full coffee shop experience, and part of this experience is watching talented baristas pull perfect shots from their cafe espresso machines.

Talented baristas must be consistent in their game, so for every shot to be as good as the last, here are a few tips every barista should keep in mind to pull perfect shots every time.

Pulling The Perfect Espresso From Cafe Espresso Machines

First of all, both a single and double shot should be pulled between twenty and twenty-five seconds. The factor differentiating the two shots is not the amount of time in the pull, but rather the amount of coffee and water used. Seven grams of coffee, matched with 1.5 ounces of water are used for a single shot, whilst a double shot is simply double those amounts.

If any inconsistency occurs, it may be traced back to a problem with the speed of the pull. This problem can be tackled by altering the tamp pressure or by changing the grind of the coffee. When there is more pressure applied to the tamp, the pull will be slower.

Generally, the perfect tamp pressure is thirteen kilograms. The consistency of the grind also has a huge role in how fast or slow the espresso pulls.

Crema is the heart of any espresso and is the first sign of a quality espresso.

The espresso has not been pulled properly if no crema appears. If this were to occur, the problem probably lies in the grind consistency of the coffee. Coffee grinds must be fine enough to insure an excellent pull with a great crema. To ensure you get the best grind consistency, a burr grinder is recommended.

Lastly, when pulling an espresso, the amount of pressure used is important in the tamping process. The coffee grind should be tamped evenly in the basket, otherwise the espresso will lack in crema and quality.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to perfect the art of tamping, and the only way to learn this skill is through practice. That being said, once a barista has mastered this skill, every espresso made will be perfectly pulled with an intensely bold flavoured crema that all coffee lovers will be happy with.