Part 1 – Coffee Machine Education

cafe Espresso machineA Quick Guide To Understanding The Components Of Your Cafe Espresso Machine

Through the next few blog posts of this ongoing series, we will be exploring the many components of your cafe espresso machine and outlining the specifics on how to get the best tasting coffee out of your espresso machine.

At Koffeeone, we believe that all espresso coffees are luscious beverages, but due to the sensitivity of espresso beans, a great tasting coffee needs the best equipment for high quality results every time.

That is why we are guiding you through the most important factors involved in creating delectable espressos.

The two key pieces of any espresso coffee machine are the espresso machine itself, alongside the coffee grinder.

Every cafe espresso machine undertakes the following responsibilities:

  • Keeping a consistent temperature whilst brewing,
  • To brew at a consistent pump pressure,
  • To brew at the same volumes,
  • Produce high quality steam, at the right pressure, at the right angle,
  • Able to cope with producing so many coffees per hour,
  • Efficient power consumption, and lastly,
  • Easy to operate steam and hot water valves, levers or dials.

As just discussed, it is evident that all parts of the espresso machine are important.

Most espresso machines are able to perform these tasks, however, some coffee machines are better than others, which is exactly why we emphasise the importance of understanding the components of a cafe espresso machine.

For more information on the components of your cafe espresso machine, or for help in deciding on the right espresso machine for you, please do not hesitate to call the team at Koffeeone at 1800 232 928