Fiorenzato Coffee Grinder – The Ideal Cafe Coffee Grinder

cafe coffee grinder Koffeeone has been providing coffee machines and wholesale coffee beans plus other consumable products to the Australian Cafe Industry for over 17 years.

Recently they have included two more classic Italian espresso coffee machine products and coffee brands to their line up, The Pierro Commercial Coffee Machine Range & The Fiorenzato commercial coffee grinder range.

The Best Cafe Coffee Grinder…

Fiorenzato was established in 1936 largely due to the enterprise of a young businessman called Pierro Fiorenzato.

At present the company manufacture coffee grinders which are unrivaled in terms of appearance, durability and reliability, which make them an ideal cafe coffee grinder.

Koffeeone presently import the full range of Fiorenzato grind on demand coffee grinders as well the automatic dosing grinder range.

Fiorenzato manufacture 64 mm , 71 mm and 83 conical and flat blade models, which are also available with titanium blades.

If you are looking for a cafe coffee grinder you can not go past a Fiorenzato coffee grinder. These coffee grinders will maintain that flavour of the bean which your customers will love.