Espresso machines to bulk brew filter machines, the question “what is the right coffee machine for my business”, is a common question posed to our coffee machine consultants.

In our previous blog article (What Is The Right Business Coffee Machine For Me? Part 1) we discussed the details of a bean to cup coffee machine.

It is our purpose to better inform and to continually provide our customers on the differences between the types of commercial espresso machines available. This information will help in the decision making process, when deciding which coffee machine that is right one for their business.

Bulk Brew Coffee Machines…

A bulk brew coffee machine is always highly recommended in situations where large quantities of coffee are demanded.

Bulk brew commercial coffee machine is the perfect solution for breakfast in hotels, conference centres, theatres, staff canteens and function facilities.

The bulk brew coffee machine creates its coffee by using filters with pre ground coffee. These machines are capable of producing anywhere between 30 to 140 litres of fresh filtered coffee per hour!

Being the powerful machine it is, the bulk brew coffee machine has one or two brewing columns, equipped with detachable brewing containers which makes it easy to adjust brewing temperatures and times.

We hope that these two articles have helped you find the right commercial espresso machine for your commercial needs.