Black Eagle Volumetric TFT – T3 – 2 Group

Black Eagle VolumetricThis noteworthy espresso machine is for all of those who commit their life to coffee; for the people who research, study and experiment every day to pass on an authentic coffee experience from machine to cup.

Not only is this the Black Eagle Volumetric the dream machine of speciality baristas nationwide, but it is also the official espresso machine being used for the World Barista Championships since 2015.

Black Eagle Volumetric: The Beginnings

An espresso coffee machine that is volumetric, consistent and stable, created specifically for specialty coffee shops.

In the endless search for reliable quality in a cup, many baristas have both verified and demonstrated the volumetric system and agreed that it allows them to obtain a true to type high quality beverage compared to manual systems.

The volumetric designed VA388 Black Eagle prioritises this need and delivers beyond your greatest expectations. We committed to creating a volumetric machine with great temperature stability for speciality baristas to assist them in their daily practice.

We longed for a new machine to strengthen the relationship between the barista and the customer. Viglino, the designer, embraced a soft style, with more asymmetrical and curved features, in a product that is only 49cm tall.

Black Eagle Volumetric: New Faces

Balanced opposites, black and white. The Black Eagle is the new image of an espresso coffee machine that is known for its innovative aspects and solidity, making it easily able to suit any coffee shops style and charm.