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Black Eagle Gravitech

Black Eagle Gravitech is an espresso machine which is superior too all, the reason is simply the Gravitech technology. To clarify this technology ensures the barista is always in full control

Why Black Eagle Gravitech?

Most Of all Gravitech technology gives the perfect brew ratio based on accuracy and total control at all stages during extraction. Therefore the required liquid weight will be measured directly into the cup. And as a result is unaffected by other factors such as inconsistent tamping pressure.

Espresso Coffee Extraction using  Black Eagle Gravitech

Equally important the extraction is solid and precise using the VA388 Black Eagle Advanced  Gravitech technology. Which makes the very best espresso coffee come to life and enables the barista to explore their artistic side.

How Black eagle Gravitech Technology Works

Therefore With Gravitech its all about control and consistency. Most Noteworthy A barista is able to set the required weight of the ground coffee and liquid for each coffee made. In addition The principle parameters of the Black Eagle are the brewing time and weight in the cup as seen in the visual display.

Black Eagle Gravitech Design

The Black Eagles outer elegance is fashioned from shiny stainless steel and its rhombus side exhibits a feeling of quick action. The rectangular lines inscribed on the side panels display the qualities of an eagle’s wings in motion. The most important qualities that make the VA388 Black Eagle soar above the others is its precision, design and performance.




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