Black Eagle Gravitech

VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech

VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech is an espresso machine that makes dealing with coffee awesome. It is ideal for those who research, study and experiment day after day to make coffee getting into the cup the real deal. This espresso machine’s speciality is to the advantage of a barista.

Why Gravitech?

• Gives The Perfect Brew Ratio

The speciality of this Gravimetric technology is that it guarantees a perfect espresso coffee made with accuracy. At its maximum offering total control at all stages involved in extraction. With this technology, a barista’s work is simplified.

The reason why this technology was created not to explore the coffee world but to instantly solve a coffee shop’s problems. All he has to do is set the liquid’s weight in the cup for each blend and let it pour.

The current gravimetric technology in the professional VA388 coffee machine makes it possible for each espresso coffee to be made in the same ratio. Brewing also remains constant all the time that it is in use.

With gravimetric technology, the liquids weight will be measured directly into the cup. All data entered into this coffee machine is much more precise an even better, unaffected by other factors. Some of the commonly affecting factors include the tamping force on the coffee, the shape of the filter and the condition of shower-heads among others.

This technology ensures that the barista is always in full control of each delivery. With the quantity of each cup eliminated and any difference between one and the other delivery eliminated before it is made.

• Espresso Coffee Extraction Done With High Technology

The extraction is precise, solid and gravimetric. The current VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech is not just about making the best espresso coffee, it also enhances each coffee blend and enables a barista to express themselves better.

• Brewing Time And Total Weight Under Control

With Gravitech, a user will have high-level consistency and control when brewing coffee with maximum precision. A barista is able to set the required weight of ground coffee and liquid in each cup for the perfect blend. The principal parameters of the coffee machine are brewing time and weight in the cup as shown by the display group.

VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech has a quick impact, with most of its outer elegance fashioned with shiny stainless steel. It has rhombus sides that exhibit the feeling of quick action. The rectangular lines inscribed in its side panels display the qualities of an eagle’s wings in motion.

This black Eagle coffee machine is one of the most distinctive and modern espresso machines around the globe. Its good qualities have made each coffee shop owner think of having one in their business since it has a high-value quality. One of its designers was a prominent world barista champion hence it is believed to be a machine that is extremely useful.

The Experts

The coffee industry needed a Black Eagle to establish the destiny café of espresso technology. To know more about this fantastic coffee machine, do call us 02 9818 4677! KoffeeOne is ready to be of assistance to your needs and inquiries.