Black Eagle – High Precision Coffee Machines

The Black Eagle coffee machines have been designed to stand up to the demands of popular coffee shops, and they deliver accurate intensity, capability as well as intentions strongly desired by baristas all over the world.

Featuring high-cost components and detailed precision that is assured by quality workmanship, it has nearly all new technologies recently developed for the coffee industry.

The VA388 is the first espresso machine to feature both T3 and Gravimetric technologies. Thanks to the T3 technology, the coffee machine guarantees balanced heat while the Gravimetric technology ensures that the right quantities of coffee is dispensed in the cup at all times.

The combination of Gravimetric and T3 technologies ensure a continuously outstanding coffee machine that will appeal to any barista. The barista could even customise each kind of coffee so that its flavour and aroma are intensified.

Espresso technique or craft has evolved a lot over the years, as the industry leaders searched for stability. Certain attempts to do small led to the so-called volumetric, which meant measurement by volume.

Black Eagle T3 coffee machine took this idea and went a step further when they announced their weight-based, state-of-the-art, espresso called Gravimetrics. This was geared towards automatic machines.

At 19.5” tall, this espresso machine is relatively tall, giving it the ability to create more open space between the customers and the barista. An attractive TFT display, as well as a monitor switch on its front panel, allows easy management of the brew and even offers energy saving alternatives.

Unlimited steam to both the steam wands is assured by the large 17-litre steam water heating system. This means that two baristas can work at a go. Thanks to its 9900 wattage the heating system can recover water temperatures rapidly and even offer the Black Eagle capacity to stand up to the most demanding café situations.


The Gravimetric Black Eagle does not feature flow metres. However, the built-in deposits located in the drip tray just below the group heads determine liquid flow by weight. Because the flow metres only measure liquid that enters the portafilter, scales determine the water distributed from portafilter.

This leads to a better accuracy and measurement level. As coffee of different densities gets to be used and given that the dry portions vary, the weight-based system of the Black Eagle neutralises for these variables, ensuring consistent liquid volumes with a variance of just 1ML.

Put short glasses or cups right onto the scale and the weight will automatically tares to zero by the machine. It displays the weight in real-time on the digital screen as the shot continues. Be able to program it up to 6 weight presets in the 3-group, as well as up four in its 2-group.

T3 Temperature Technology

The patented T3 technology featured in the Victoria Arduino offers total control over temperature of water in the Black Eagle. Its independent dial-over-the-steam, as well as the brew heating system, allows the barista to maximise pressure so as to have milk texturing. Each of the Black Eagle’s group head comes with .7L brew hot water component, which makes it easy to accommodate many loads of coffee.

The saturated group head is the 3rd part of the temperature switch. One way to adjust brew temperatures is to control the group head temperature. In case a barista needs to make a quick modification and they choose not to alter its liquid volume or grind size, they can do so without wasting time on brew heating unit to get the right temperature.

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