Composition Of A Good Commercial Coffee Machine

When you are looking for the best quality coffee machines you need to consider the volume of the coffee you are going to make as well as the type of coffee. You are going to want a coffee machine to keep up with your needs.

There are many different types of coffee machines including bean to cups, pods, filter, traditional, and instant coffee marker. There are pros and cons to every type of coffee machine.

Quality Of The Coffee

The traditional coffee machine uses ground coffee and milk to make a good cup of coffee for your customers. This is a bean to cup model where the beans are ground to make coffee. The taste of the coffee is one of the most important things to keep in mind.

The quality of the coffee will vary by the person preparing it. The traditional coffee machine is good for coffee based merchants which coffee is not the main business. Businesses that benefit from this type of machine include hotels and bars.

These machines only prepare the traditional cup of coffee and may not give the highest quality of drinks. It depends if the user puts in the right amount of coffee and brews it correctly.

Easy To Use

You will need to train staff members to use the coffee machine. Many suppliers will offer free training on their coffee machine. You will need to set aside time for this training. The staff will also need to learn how to clean the machines. A self serving machine often has a self cleaning feature. Regular cleaning is important to keep bacteria from building up in the machine and possibly making a customer ill.

Drink Volume

A coffee machine should be able to prepare enough coffee to keep up with your demand. A high volume coffee machine should have features that include auto fill, programmable dosages, and three steam hands. Some can produce as much as 300 cups of coffee an hour. A basic machine is often around to produce 140 cups per hour.


You need to consider if your machine can be easily moved. If you own a catering business you are going to want a coffee machine that is easy to move. Traditional coffee machines are mobile. Bean to cup machines is harder to move due to many small parts that may break easily. Filter coffee machines are the most portable and can be set up anywhere where there is a power supply. The machines needs to be easy to move.

Style Of The Coffee Machine

You are going to want a coffee machine that is designed to fit the needs of your business. You may want a machine that is attractive for customers to look at. When making a cup of coffee it can be entertaining to the customer to watch it being made especially if it is a special cup of coffee.

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