Best Office Coffee Machines

Cost Efficient For Any Size Of Business

In this day and age, boiling water in a kettle and adding it to a cup for instant coffee is no longer an option. There is new and affordable technology in town for preparing coffee. Many businesses are making important investments in buying the best office coffee machines which is considered as important equipment for office use. Regardless of the ideal position to place the coffee brewing machine, whether, in the reception, boardroom, staff room, or even meeting room.

Want best office coffee machines, and you know not where to start? Here is where to start!

It is no longer beneficial for smaller businesses to have big and expensive coffee machines. Ideal coffee machines for small businesses should be cost-efficient and also meet the consumption demands for the company employees and visitors.

Here are the most common types of coffee machines suitable for smaller businesses

Filter coffee maker – it has the potential to meet your employees coffee needs. To get the best services, choose a filter coffee maker that has either one or two pots, thus enabling you to use your preferred coffee for this machine.

Pod or capsule machines – it is the ideal choice especially in small offices where there is moderate coffee consumption. These types of machines are small, stylish, compact, and able to fit in all interiors. These units have a relatively low initial price, with the cost of maintenance also approaching nil, making them highly affordable.

Espresso maker – they require lots of manual operations. They are ideal for small offices where employees are after premium quality coffee and are not afraid of doing the cleaning of the machine themselves.

Tabletop vending machine – the machine provides convenience to small offices due to its capability to offer numerous coffee options while also occupying minimal space. The machine can be operated from a table or countertop but still deliver coffee quickly and efficiently with no requirement for clean-up after use.

Prices For Small Offices Coffee Machines

If you are after getting a coffee machine that can serve your small office, you may consider buying one. However, it is still okay if you go the leasing way especially for machines that have capsules and pods, or those using instant coffee because they require undergoing periodical refurbishment.

Important to note is that the prices for these machines are never fixed. They depend on the machine itself and the type of agreement you enter with the owner. Most agreements take a minimum of one month, especially for the small tabletop vending machine.

On the other hand, you may choose to rent the machine if you have intentions to use it for a relatively long time, maybe for some weeks or even months. In this case, you can rent it for a reasonable weekly price.

Best Coffee Machines Designed For Medium-Sized Workplaces

Tabletop vending machine – the machine is slightly bigger to accommodate the slightly increased coffee needs for medium-sized office spaces.

Integrated coffee machine – it is a built-in coffee machine that is convenient and fully automatic. The machine forms part of the integrated kitchen system (which translates to a requirement for extra space) and is designed for kitchen modules. A reason why its installation is never done in isolation.

Small floor standing machine – they offer a rich variety of hot drinks, making them an effective solution for addressing coffee needs for medium-sized offices. They are stand-alone units and can, therefore, be positioned anywhere in the office. These machines require plugging into the wall, while their connection can happen to either the water tank system or the plumbing system.

Prices Of Coffee Machines

The initial investment for buying a coffee brewing machine to serve medium-sized businesses is usually high. As a result, leasing one offers better value for money than purchasing one for the business. Remember, you have limited options when you choose built-in coffee machines. The limitation comes as a result of the machines design whose operation fits well in an integrated kitchen environment.

For Large Office Spaces

Choosing a coffee vending machine may be the best option if you are looking for a coffee machine that can serve large offices.

Floor-standing coffee vending machine – these are the most popular type of machine ideal for large office environments. Their cup capacity is large, besides offering various beverages that satisfy the varying needs of your consumers. These machines can brew drinks in less than 30 seconds, meaning that they are highly efficient in serving large office population. They are also very simple to operate.

In-cup vending machine – it is among the market’s largest coffee machines. It can simultaneously provide disposable cups and a hot drink. These machines can brew broadly varied drinks in a matter of seconds and are, therefore, suited for very large office stations.

Prices Of Coffee Machines

If you are in need of a high-capacity office coffee machine, it is advisable to avoid buying one, but instead, consider leasing or renting. Buying requires huge initial capital investment to buy the machine, and service it. However, with leasing, you may save your business a great deal of money.

Types Of Coffee To Use In Office Coffee Machines

There are numerous types of coffee machines to choose from depending on your needs and preference. Remember, different coffee machines have specific types of coffee they allow to be used on them. This significantly influences the machine’s price and the upkeep and refurbishment costs.

Coffee beans – if your serving location has relatively high coffee consumption, consider going for the bean-to-cup machine. They have high cup capacity but require regular maintenance. It can serve very high coffee quality since the machine grinds coffee direct from the coffee beans.

Ground coffee – you can use your favourite ground coffee if you have no intention of incorporating a grinder into your coffee machine.

Capsules/pod – this offers a good compromise between convenience and quality. This type of coffee machine requires some maintenance and cleaning but can still offer a choice of coffee quality and variety.

Instant coffee – it is an ideal choice for mid-sized offices; some machines use powdered drinks or instant coffee to prepare a variety of products within a few seconds. Instant machines can deliver coffee, tea, latté, cappuccino, hot chocolate, among other drinks.

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