Best Coffee Machine For Your Staff Room

Today on Aquaspresso Academy I’m going to help to select the best coffee machine for your staff room.

Selecting a coffee machine for your staff room is not as simple as it sounds and the most important thing that one needs to keep in mind is speed.

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to staff rooms. You have thirty to fifty people congregating in a small room and they only have fifteen minutes to get their cup of coffee.

There are very few coffee machines out there capable of achieving this feat. Besides for the obvious pricing, quality consideration, obviously the higher quality you go the higher price or the more it will cost.

When selecting your machine you do what will meet your speed requirements there‘s really only two machines out there or two types of machine systems out there.

Simple Staff Room Coffee Machine

Number one you can go basic, simple which is a coffee machine where you already have your coffee pre brewed which serves the purpose, it’s really functional and still a nice option but it obviously comes at the expense of not having cool drinks like cappuccinos, no hot chocolate, no chococinnos.

Deluxe Staff Room Coffee Machine

The other option if you want all those awesome drinks is to go the vending route and have the hot chocolate, the chococinno, the cappuccino, the latte, all those awesome drinks, obviously, unfortunately comes at a higher Cost.

One machine, or two machines top that don’t unfortunately work in a staff room through us trying it and unfortunately we failed at that is automatic coffee machines, they are too slow.

They produce a cup of coffee in over a minute which is too long for people to wait in a staff room and second option which doesn’t work is a capture coffee machine which besides the high cost is too slow to load the machine each time and make your coffee.

So i hope it helps you. I hope you start having awesome coffee in your staff room. Thanks so much.

Deal Direct With A Professional ‘Staff Room Coffee Machine’ Wholesaler

shopping centre Coffee Machine Sydney

Peter Walker CEO KoffeeOne

Coffee machine wholesalers, Koffeeone has evolved considerably since its foundation and now distributes the very best commercial coffee machines from Italy, as well as now manufacturing their very own Pierro office coffee machine range.

Koffeeone was formed in 1999 with the goal to supply wholesale priced corporate coffee machines, office coffee machines and espresso coffee machines to cafe’s, restaurants, corporate offices and registered clubs.

To ensure their clients receive the very best support on their range of coffee machines Koffeeone provide full service support for each and every one of their customers, large or small.

Peter Walker, CEO of Koffeeone states, “We ensure we only supply the very best office coffee machines. Why ? To ensure the longevity of operation, to make sure your coffee machine requires minimal operational attention by your staff and are very easy to maintain and use.”

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