Best coffee machine for your car dealership

Welcome. I’m Mike and today I’m going to hopefully be able to tell you what is the best coffee machine for your car dealership.

We’ve done car dealerships for so many years now and when we started we made so many mistakes in selecting the coffee machine for the customer.

But from these mistakes we think we have learnt exactly now what car dealerships need when it comes to a coffee machine.

So, there are pretty much three things that we have got to consider when selecting a coffee machine.

Number one and probably the most important: ease of use and self service must be paramount to your selection.

So when you take a coffee machine, any coffee machine is simple to get used to over time, but you have to understand that in a car dealership environment most of the users on the coffee machine are first time users. So this coffee machine must be totally simple and need no explanation for a person that’s never seen a coffee machine before, so that’s number one.

Number two: especially if your coffee machine is in a service area where they’re waiting for their car to be fixed or something like that, other than like the sales part of the dealership, it’s really important to have a machine which is quick.

Now, most coffee machines can dispense coffee in about a minute to a minute thirty seconds which sounds fast but that is not often fast enough. Because if you have thirty to fifty people that can mean it can take almost an hour for everybody to get their coffee. So you want to get a machine that usually dispenses in not more than about thirty second.

Third thing: price and quality, that kind of mixture.

Now this is a lot of personal preference, what you prefer. Obviously the higher quality going in terms of the coffee and in terms of the coffee machine the higher the price goes. So it comes down to what type of cars you sell in your dealership, what type of clientele you’re attracting, and that should lead you into deciding which quality or price type of factor wins in that department.

So which coffee machine of fulfills all these three things?

Usually a vending machine is the right option.

Automatic machines are awesome for offices but their not overly simple for first time users and they’re not overly quick either.

So even instant machine, if your budget is low, or bean to cup vending machine if your budget is a bit higher, a vending machine is usually your best bet.

I hope that helps you. I hope you have awesome coffee in your dealership.

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