Office Coffee Beans

Today I’m going to be talking about “How To Choose Coffee Beans for the Office”.

There’s so many coffee beans on the market these days- how do you choose the right ones for your office?

So, there’s really four considerations to be made.

4 Considerations In Choosing The Best Office Coffee Beans

1. Office Coffee Bean Price

Number one and probably the easiest consideration that goes through every body’s mind is price. What type of price or what’s in your budget to spend on coffee. It’s a simple one- you look at the price of the coffee, you look at your budget- is it higher or lower?- and that will tell you which type of coffee to go for from a price perspective.

2. Best Office Coffee Bean Brands

Number two is brand. Do you have a specific brand in mind? Now a lot of people see brand and are totally about brand and it’s sometimes awesome. You have great brands which are great for a reason, most often. Now I urge you whether you’ve tried a brand or not tried a brand, try lots of different coffees. There are so many roasteries out there. Even if you’ve had a brand and you like it, keep that on the side but keep trying different coffee bean brands. Part of the point of a coffee bean machine is to keep your taste buds open to the world and keep trying different coffees. Yes brand is awesome and always important, but don’t stop at one brand, and that’s it.

3. Office Coffee Bean Freshness

The third consideration is freshness. Now again there’s lots of brands out there and it’s very difficult to know how fresh your coffee is. And what does freshness really mean in terms of coffee beans? How long before that bag got to you was that coffee roasted? Yes coffee always goes down as soon as you open it but how fresh was that coffee since the day you bought it? Now it’s very difficult to know.

One suggestion is not to- you can get lucky and buy a really fresh bag of coffee from the supermarket- but most times buying coffee from the supermarket is meaning that your coffee isn’t fresh.

It’s sat in a warehouse somewhere then it’s gone to a depot, then eventually gone to the supermarket. So ideally buy from a roastery, a specialist coffee, somebody who knows and roasts constantly on a day to day basis as opposed to sending the coffees through depots.

4. Best Office Coffee Bean Delivery

Fourth thing is delivery. Does the brand deliver the coffee to you, if that’s important? Now there’s tons of coffees out there and most brands these days will deliver direct to your office for nothing- right, delivery free is always awesome.

If you do feel like driving and you have nothing else to do, cool, that’s not important to you, but for most people, delivery’s great to get a free one.

Those are the four considerations- hope that helps.