The Barista’s Efficiency Tool: The Appia II 2 Group Commercial Coffee Machine

barista coffee machineThe Appia II is positioned within the coffee making market as one of the most efficient barista coffee machines, since it holds performance features appreciated by baristas worldwide.

Available in an array of colours, it’s sleek and contemporary design includes an adaptable group head height – remaining suitable for any environment.

Professional Barista Coffee Machine

The technology of the Appia II enhances the coffee experience for both the operator and the consumer, since it offers a consistent brew.

Baristas are able to satisfy the demand of quality espressos through utilising the tools the machine has to offer, such as raised group heads, inbox steam wands, as well as a singular hot water wand.

The ergonomic restructure of the machine is complimented by the Soft Infusion System (SIS) and the Turbocream system – delivering creamy espresso shots in a consistent fashion.

The Appia II remains as the ideal machine, since it’s simple yet innovative operation promises consistent and quality brews.