barista guidelines advice

Baristas Who Make The Best Coffee – Follow These Barista Guidelines


  1. Production date should be 7-10 days from consumption
  2. The package has to be stored in a cool environment at 15 degress
  3. The blend must be up to acceptable standards of quality.
  4. The package should be open more than 1 hour before use.


  1. Mains pressure must be no more than 5 bars.
  2. When the pump is turned on check that the pressure is around the 9 bar mark (plus or minus 1bar).
  3. Clean the tubes of any limescale.
  4. Check that the cock is open and there is water flow.

Grinder & Doser:

  1. Make sure that the doser is clean.
  2. The quantity of the grinding amount must be suitable for the quantity needed in the next 20 minutes.
  3. Signs of wear, high temperatures and speed malfunctions must be noted.
  4. Replace flat grindstones every 400kg and and conical grinders every 800kg
  5. The quantity used in the doser must be regular.

Water Softener:

  1. Don’t use softener if the hardness is less than 9oF.
  2. For machines with a centralised softener together with a standard softener, one must be bypassed to stop build up of organic material in the other.
  3. A container that holds 1 kg of salt must be filled every 12-15 kg of coffee.
  4. The resins must be regenerated according to the square meter water consumption.
  5. The resins should be washed regularly and replaced every 3 years.
  6. f the water is overly chlorinated use a chlorine removing water filter as well as the softener.

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