Citect celebrate 5 years with Koffeeone’s automatic commercial coffee machines

automatic commercial coffee machinesCitect and Koffeeone have been working together for 5 years now and the latest addition to their offices has been one of the best automatic commercial coffee machines yet.

Koffeone’s expertise makes the prospect of fitting one or more automatic commercial coffee machines in your office kitchen, a breeze.

See the photo of an automatic commercial coffee machine recently installed into their office located in Sydney, this great machine does over 200 cups per day, including Flat Whites, Cappuccinos, Short Blacks and Lattes.

The Koffeeone range of automatic commercial coffee machines are an all-purpose commercial coffee machine that is fully automatic, yet capable of preparing the best coffee specialties freshly at the push of a button.

Here is what Chris Barker from Voodoo Espresso say’s about the our range of commercial coffee machines;

“The Koffeone machines are a versatile and reliable bean to cup commercial coffee machine. Featuring simple, intuitive controls and selection keys it can be used in quick-service or customer self-service applications, ideal for small cafe outlets or corporate office situations. The machines can be integrated with cup-warmers, milk fridges and a hot-chocolate unit to create a complete hot beverage system.”

Thanks to Citect for being such a great client and allowing me to take a photos of our best coffee machine, I look forward to another 5 years together.