The daily break for an espresso coffee has now become as crucial to workplace productivity as the old cigarette break and the new craze of being on a social network site during working hours much to the stress of employers.

Ducking out for an espresso coffee has become the new ‘smoko’ and businesses have become overwhelmed by the loss of staff productivity with workers leaving their desks in search of a caffeine fix that many are now paying for commercial coffee machines, espresso coffee machines and the more sophisticated automatic coffee machines to be installed on-site.

Purchasing or renting an automatic coffee machine is proving to be a very cost effective antidote to this ever increasing challenge to employers to counteract the desire of staff to get their next Caffeine fix during all parts of the day.

Our feed back from our customers is that an espresso coffee machine or an automatic coffee machine reduces the time employees are out of the building and improving their motivation, increasing and improving the moral of a companies most valued asset, their staff.

Koffeeone have developed a professional and cost effective range of automatic coffee machines, commercial coffee machines and traditional espresso coffee machines over the past 15 years that perform perfectly in a corporate environment and produce 100% pure espresso at a simple touch of a button.

Many leading corporations have sought the assistance of Koffeeone to install an automatic coffee machine on each floor of their offices and are reporting back that our espresso coffee machines are delivering great joy and pleasure to their staff which indicates espresso coffee is now becoming a standard workplace entitlement for corporate staff .

Installations of automatic coffee machines and espresso coffee machines has quadrupled for Koffeeone over the last 12 months and as the CEO of this great company I am extremely pleased how Koffeeone is assisting Corporate companies overcome the challenge of staff down time, especially when the coffee van comes around and everybody leaves at once to go down to get their espresso fix, this activity ends up being a 15- to 30-minute procedure because the queue is that long and service time is quite slow.

With a Koffeeone automatic coffee machine, the staff member only has to take a short walk to the kitchen, push a button of their choice on their fantastic automatic coffee machine and quickly get their favourite coffee, this process takes less than a minute and they are on their way back to their work station.

This fantastic espresso experience creates a sense of staff appreciation and worth. Our automatic coffee machines are the best coffee machines on the market and perform their task day in day out tirelessly.