Koffeeone import and distribute professional automatic coffee machines.

Machines such as The Rex Royal Automatic Coffee Machines. The Nuova Simonelli Talento Automatic Coffee Machines.

Koffeeone know ” How To” Install, commission, programme and repair all of their espresso coffee machines.

If you want to discover ” How To” prepare the worlds finest cappuccino. Then all you need to do is rent our Rex Royal S200 commercial coffee machine.

On the S200 you can easily produce the finest coffee. Simply by pressing a single button. Done from pressing a single visual display icon.

No need for grinding coffee or foaming milk. The Rex Royal espresso coffee machines take care of it all. You will be impressed from the ease of operation . And be delighted by products it produces.

Watch the video below to see these impressive coffee machines in action.

If you have a very large demand for coffee. Then we can assist you with our famous Talento commercial coffee machines. Made in Italy and designed with precision engineering.

Lets Take a Look at the Talento. And see ” How To” make a cappuccino on the amazing commercial coffee machine.

The Talento is capable of producing very large quantities of coffee.

Without compromising the quality of the coffee it produces. This machine has individual steam and coffee boilers.

To ensure perfect coffee extraction. And endless steam for perfect soft silky milk. There is never a delay with the Talento.

This incredible office coffee machine never tires and works willingly all day.

Koffeeone are well established and are one of the leading Australian brands importing automatic coffee machines.

From pubs to hotels, small local cafe’s and restaurants to conference centres and venues, KoffeeOne has something for everyone.

No business is too big or too small. With over 20 years experience in the hot beverage industry, Koffeeone are very experienced in providing perfect automatic coffee machine solutions for any hospitality requirement.