servicing your commercial coffee machine

What happens during an automatic coffee machine service?

One of the things that Koffeeone pride themselves on, is the level of service they provide to their corporate and commercial customers, once their traditional coffee machine or automatic coffee machine has been installed.

When a Koffeeone service technician comes in for a service one of the first things he asks “how is the coffee?“, and then he grabs a fresh espresso coffee for himself to put the machine to the test.

He then checks the usage statistics to see how many cups of coffee were produced over the last quarter.

The statistics are usually pretty amazing once presented. When a new automatic coffee machine is installed the team at your office quickly discover they can have a great coffee without having to leave their commercial environment.

Koffeeone distribute new fully automatic coffee machines to Sydney, Melbourne and all other parts of Australia.

They are able then to continue with your automatic coffee machine service on a scheduled basis, so you and your team can continue to enjoy great coffee.

So as a customer of Koffeeone you know you in good hands, Koffeeone work closely with you so your coffee experience is a rewarding experience even afteryour machine has been installed for many years.

A lot of suppliers outsource their automatic coffee machine requirements to a third party contractor. All Koffeeone’s automatic coffee machine service requirements are handled in house