Installing an automatic coffee machine in Canberra

Automatic Coffee Machine Canberra

The Rex Royal S200 is the preferred automatic coffee machine model for most Canberra businesses

Koffeeone deliver automatic coffee machines all across Australia.

But it was a delight to recently visit our nation’s capital, Canberra to install a new automatic coffee machine into a new clients staff room. Unfortunately I am not at liberty to unveil our new client, but lets just say Australia’s secrets are safe with me!

Whilst there are some cities I prefer more than others, for some reason I am always excited about a trip to Canberra.

Canberra is one of my favorite places to visit, especially when we are installing new automatic coffee machines for clients.

Your staff’s coffee needs are the same, whether you work in the public or private sector. The coffee must be a fresh, perfect espresso every time.

After our success in the recent install of automatic coffee machines in Canberra, I get Koffeeone will be in our nation’s capital quite a lot in the coming future.

Below is some excellent information on our Rex Royal s200

The Rex Royal S200 Automatic Coffee Machine is just such a machine.

A sensational automatic coffee machine that produces the highest degree of coffee extraction regardless if its a single shot or a double dispensing shot.

The frothing-up of the milk for a Cappuccino, Latte and Flat white has to be seen to be believed, all this quality and convenience at the single touch of a button, an attractive and sleek looking automatic coffee machine that will compliment the décor of evry modern office break out or kitchenette.

The integrated Coffee, milk and chocolate solution combined with fresh milk makes this automatic coffee machine the envy of all modern offices.

The sophisticated Rex-Royal milk system guarantees fine foam of the highest level.

Whether your choice of beverage is a sweet chocolate dream, or a hint of Chai latte or an original Italian Espresso The Rex Royal S200 will provide you with a delectable product which can be enjoyed in no time at all at the touch of a button.