Aurelia II TFT coffee machine

The World Barista Championship Coffee Machine

The Aurelia II TFT Digital 2 Group Espresso Coffee Machine is the 2012-2014 World Barista Championship official coffee machine.

Aurelia II is committed to professional baristas delivering an espresso machine with advanced performance, extraction quality, and coffee consistency.

Your New Aurelia ii TFT Digital 2 Group Espresso Coffee Machine is Suitable For:

Specialist cafés with high volume areas and/or demanding professional baristas


Elements of your Aurelia ii TFT Digital 2 Group Espresso Coffee Machine
aurelia-espresso-machineT3 innovation

The T3 framework principles ensures water temperature exactness. The barista can set the temperature circulation of every group with great adaptability, utilising 3 specific parameters (water, group, steam).

Temperature control by presentation

Aurelia II gives a remarkable precision temperature control, whatever the workload or working conditions. The water supply temperature of every group can be controlled progressively from the front display area..

Protected and Comfortable

Incredible number of ergonomic components: the work surface is uniformly lit, while the back is calculated so the barista can check with a cursory glance on the espresso originating from the spout, while LED by the steam spouts are equipped for lighting up the inside of the milk container.


On the Aurelia both the tallness and the temperature of each and every grouping can be changed in accordance with be suited to any utilization and mix.


Rich in hardware, in the three unique adaptations: self-loader, volumetric, digit, with numerous valuable discretionary, The Aurelia suits any need.

Outer pump regulation

Baristas can control the pump without the need of a technician.

Rich cappuccinos

The autosteam wand empowers anybody to make a thick and smooth milk cream, continually at the same temperature.

The Aurelia ii TFT Digital 2 bunch coffee espresso machine will be an incredibly valuable resource for your cafe or restaurant