Aurelia II  2 Group Coffee Machine

Aurelia II  2 Group Coffee Machine,  the top of the line machine from Nuova Simonelli . This fantastic machine was the official espresso machine of the World Barista Championships from 2012 to 2014. And  for many good reasons.

The Aurelia is devoted to the high demands and pressures of the professional barista.

This espresso coffee machine guarantees superior performance in all areas including extraction quality, accuracy, flexibility and consistent results.

Featuring T3 technology. This machine sets heightened standards for temperature accuracy in extraction. The temperature of each group can be set by the barista, giving the user maximum flexibility in heat distribution ensuring 3 perfect parameters (group, water and steam).

Aurelia II 2 group coffee machine unmatched accuracy

Despite environmental conditions or workload, the Aurelia II espresso coffee machine grants unmatched accuracy in temperature control. Each groups water supply temperature can be controlled in real time directly from the display.

With a great number of ergonomic features, inclusive of the evenly lit work surface, the LED lit steam nozzles to illuminate the interior of the milk jug, and the angled back for the barista to check the coffee coming out of the spout are just a few of the reasons this espresso coffee machine is superior to the rest.

On the Aurelia II 2 group coffee machine, not only the height of every single group is adjustable, but the temperature is also, allowing each different group to be suitable for every different blend and use.

There are 3 different versions of this machine available, the semiautomatic, the competition and digit, and the volumetric, each with many different optional additions available, this machine is sure to suit your every need. Not only can you easily regulate the pump without a technician by your side, but with the new auto steam wand, this machine allows every barista to create the thickest, most velvety milk cream every time.

Aurelia II 2 Group Coffee Machine sydney
Aurelia II 2 Group Coffee Machine sydney
Aurelia II 2 Group Coffee Machine sydney