A “Cuppa” in the “arvo” is something that every Australian will immediately connect with, no matter whether you are at the office or home. Office-workers don’t usually get the elaborate brew they expect at home; therefore, the next-best option is what most office workers love and hate with equal measure, no matter which corporate office you step into. Of course, this refers to the infamous coffee machines available in various models across every office in the country. These companies have contracts with coffee machine shops to regularly supply, maintain, and restock these machines for office goers to have a “cuppa” while they work. The “love-hate” relationship arises from the fact that most office goers are accustomed to drinking coffee during their workday but dislike the taste of machine-made coffee.

An interesting fact is Starbucks—which has multiple stores in the tens of thousands all over the world—has, over the course of 8 years, opened 84 outlets all over the country, only to 60 of them due to failing businesses over a lack of customer interest. So you can gauge the level of expectations and interest among coffee drinkers all over Australia, which is said to have one of the best cafe cultures anywhere in the world. The reason this is relevant is that it goes to show the level of expectations with regards to quality that Australians demand from their coffee, a culture that is as serious as it is unique.

Here are some reasons why Australian coffee is known to be so good:

Unique-tasting culture: Coffee is less about the generic caffeine hit and more an experience that incorporates relaxation and socializing. Although this is more obvious in the cafes and less at the workplace, a “cuppa” at work is still expected to be a decent brew, even if it is from an espresso machine. Local baristas and roasters in cafes all over the country have perfected their own blend of lattes, macchiatos, and flat whites—an invention native to them. Yearly, these baristas and roasters see and familiarize themselves with the latest in coffee technology and machinery, which translates into high-quality coffee brews available in cafes all over the country.

High-quality beans and cutting-edge equipment: The ready availability of coffee beans and the growing availability of cutting-edge equipment signal the advent of speciality brews with more ease. The Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE)—held every year—expertly works to help grow Australia’s coffee industry. What this does mean is that the average quality of coffee machines all over the country is at least a grade higher than anywhere in the world.

Unique style of coffee makers along with innovative staff: The coffee experience and approach to coffee-making is unique in Australia that has contributed to the style of blends and brews. This is a testament to the baristas and roasters all over the country who are not afraid to push the boundaries in incorporating manual blending skills along with the machinery available in the form of premium espresso machines and coffee grinders.

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