Coffee Is A Big Deal

Take a look at the number of coffee shops and cafes during your morning travels and you will be able to see straight away; coffee is a big deal.

No matter the person, almost everyone starts their morning with a cup of coffee.

As the coffee industry continues to rapidly change and evolve, coffee is now offered in many different forms. Gone are the days when the only choices were black or with milk and sugar. Coffee drinkers have plenty of options in todays world!

From a lot more flavours (like hazelnut, vanilla, and peppermint) to the way it’s processed and served (chilled or on ice), coffee has truly evolved from its simple incarnation. Millennials and their fast paced life continues to influence how coffee is being consumed – and the coffee industry as a whole is doing its most to keep up & stay fresh.

Coffee has a long history

Coffee consumption did not start out as a short time trend and peoples love of coffee is not going away anytime soon.

Coffee has its origins dating back hundreds of years ago to monks in Ethiopia.

Since that time, its reputation and fame has continued to grow. Those who discovered coffee were first attracted to the energy it gave to those who drank it. It is more than likely, this is what keeps people coming back to the popular beverage today.

From the turn of the 20th century, savvy business people began selling pre-roasted coffee beans in sealable bags and tins, which forever changed the ease with which the general public could make their own cups of coffee at home.

This movement also increased consumption and sales of the popular beverage and therefore changed the coffee industry forever. This specific change in production became the biggest “coffee trend” of all time.

Other coffee trends followed – in the late 1960s and 70s specialty coffees first made their debut.

50 years later, coffee companies are becoming very creative with their specialty coffee products. In the process particular coffee flavours and methods have become household favourites or seasonal must haves. Think of your own personal favourite cup of coffee.

Everyone has a go-to favourite coffee at their local coffee shop or in their home. It is likely this favourite coffee evolved from a long line of development from dedicated coffee baristas and roasters.

The coffee bean has grown and transcended through the generations and ages. It’s looking a little fresher and more modern these days.

The more encouraging news is coffee is still changing and growing in 2017.