Pierro Automatic Coffee Machine Blends

Wholesale Coffee Beans Roasted for Australian Automatic Coffee Machines

These hand selected coffee beans create a fresh, thick, reddish-brown tantalising crema that is distinctive with the name Pierro Coffee.

With the correct extraction you will taste a sensational balance between sweetness, bitterness and acidity that signifies the Pierro roasting methods.

Pierro Coffee is the brand with a 20 year reputation for excellence in coffee roasting across North America and Europe.

Experience the taste and texture of true Italian Espresso with Pierro wholesale coffee beans.


The Argento automatic coffee machine beans blend is perfection in a cup. These automatic coffee machine beans deliver a medium strength coffee with a perfect balance of crema that remains to the very end. Your will enjoy a smooth, full bodied coffee equating to liquid gold. Argento automatic coffee machine beans are designed to indulge your senses.


Enjoy the spoils of the earth with the Nero automatic coffee machine bean blend. You will find this blend to be full bodied and robust just like a fine red wine. The Nero automatic coffee machine beans are a medium dark roast especially made to kick start your day.


This earthy automatic coffee machine bean gives you a smooth gentle flavoursome sip of bliss designed for any time of the day. Blu is a light medium roast coffee bean.

Price Our Wholesale Coffee Range - 1 Kg Packs

Coffee Bean Notes to our Blends 

“Classic Napoli style blend with a new world zest! This coffee is full bodied, low-acid, smooth and rich.  Brazil natural process brings chocolate and sweet caramel praline notes; Ethiopian natural process Djimma contributes a unique natural fermented  fruit character while the Indian washed coffee binds the whole blend together with a rich cocoa aftertaste and very powerful body and crema. Roasted to precise  spectrophotometer targets which provides incredible consistency that other roasters can’t achieve.  Climate controlled ‘cellaring’ prior to delivery results in a denser more stable Crema and a smoother tasting  espresso than other boutique coffees. This blend  which was developed specifically for the Australian milk-palate keeps winning fans.”