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Nuova Simonelli Pronto Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine

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industrial automatic coffee machine

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A Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine – True Value For Money

Are you looking for a medium sized commercial automatic coffee machine that is Fair in price, excellent in quality ,  true value for money and equal in performance to a much larger super commercial automatic coffee machine then the Nuova Simonelli Pronto commercial automatic coffee machine is the machine for you ?

The Nuova Simonelli Pronto  Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine is just such a machine.

Medium in size however a sensational commercial automatic coffee machine that produces the highest degree of coffee extraction regardless if its a single shot or a double dispensing shot.

When it comes to frothing-up of the milk for a Cappuccino, Latte and Flat white the Pronto is sensational, all this quality in a medium sized compact machine with convenience at the single touch of a button, an attractive and sleek looking commercial automatic coffee machine that will compliment the décor of every modern office break out or kitchenette.

The integrated Coffee combined with fresh milk makes this commercial automatic coffee machine the envy of all modern offices.

The sophisticated Nuova Simonelli Pronto Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine milk system guarantees fine foam of the highest level.

Whether your choice of beverage is a sweet smooth cappuccino or an original Italian Espresso The Nuova Simonelli Pronto Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine will provide you with a delectable product which can be enjoyed in no time at all at the touch of a button.

….. we currently rent all our automatic espresso coffee machines from Koffeeone, the support and service is exceptional and with coffee being such an important part of our daily working lives it makes my life so much easier to have a professional partner like Koffeeone making it all happen with no fuss.

Jenny Bowick

National Facilities Projects Manager, DLA Piper

Options Available

  • Fridge
  • Cup Warmer
  • Cup Warmer with Fridge
  • Cup Dispenser
Prontobar is the new superautomatic that Nuova Simonelli offers to the market sector which requires a high-quality product that is extremely simple to use and compact.Prontobar is available with direct connection to water mains or with a tank and 1 or 2 grinders.
Suitable for: coffee shops, restaurants, demanding professionals, locations with high quality performance.
Compact: 33 cm wide, Prontobar concentrates the best technology for producing espresso.
Flexible: It can fit anywhere due to its shape and size.

Fast: Just a few moments and the coffee is ready.

 Versatile-Wide drink selection with either a direct water connection or 5 liter water reservoir.

Easy:-Through a simple press of the button, Pronto prepares tasty and creamy drinks.

Double Grinder- Pronto can have two grinders for different coffee blends or decaffeinated coffee.

Professional- Thermo-compensated metal group,on demand steam,energy-saving mode,double tamp system for dry grounds.
Reliable- Integrates easy-tech technology for ease of maintenance and increased reliability.


  • Thermal Heating Group.
  • Preinfusion.
  • Encoder.
  • Grinder Capacity 0,8 Kg.
  • Decaffeinated option.
  • Pump with bypass.
  • Hot water and steam wand.
  • Height adjustable spout (70-140mm).
  • Removable frother.
  • Crema regulator and Milk temperature Regulator.
  • 2 stainless steel boilers.
  • 4-line multicolor LCD. .


Machine Specifications

  • Groups – 1 or Two Grinders
  • Patented Brewing Group
  • Built – in Cappuccino foamer
  • Width 330mm
  • Depth 520mm
  • Height 600mm
  • 1.4 Litre Stainless steel boiler
  • Plumbed or 5 Litre tank option available
  • Energy efficient – runs off 10 amps
  • Touch pad with up to 8product selections
  • Simple automated cleaning function

Click the image to view the machine in more detail

factory automatic coffee machine

Rent your Pronto & get
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This offer is only available to ‘Registered Interested’ businesses.