Carimali Armonia Soft Plus Automatic Coffee Machine

Carimali Armonia Soft Plus Automatic Coffee Machine.

Commercial Automatic coffee machine
Carimali Armonia Soft Plus Automatic Coffee Machine


  • Most Noteworthy A Fully-automatic stainless steel brewing group.
  • In Addition An Automatic Milk Frother.
  • Also Large illuminated selection buttons.
  • Most of All Precise temperature selection for coffee.
  • And 1 or 2 Grinders.
  • Instead of one you have two Chocolate Canisters.
  • And Hot water and steam dispenser.
  • Also Hot and cold water by-pass options.
  • And an Automatic rinsing and cleaning program.
  • Furthermore a Integrated rotary pump.
  • And an Intergraded Milk pump.
  • Also MTT: Milk Tuning Technology.
  • And a Programmable self-rinsing options.

Carimali Armonia Soft Plus Automatic Coffee Machine.

The Carimali Armonia Soft Plus Automatic Coffee Machine. Most noteworthy is defined by a 7 inch Touch Screen. Fully  compatible with ANDROID SYSTEM. And completely easy top program. All subject to the demands and needs of the user. Also Up to 30 drink selection can be loaded.  As a result great instant products and hot water can be dispensed also. Users can also upload movies and music or customized images.

Meanwhile still allowing all the machine parameters to be customizable. Thus every setting can to be adjusted directly from the user interface.  So the Armonia Soft Plus is very versatile and with many available configuration. Therefore perfect for offices and communities everywhere.

 So it is a sensational machine. With a wide range of options and features suitable for  every office requirement.
automatic coffee machine
 automatic coffee machine
 automatic coffee machine

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Carimali Armonia Soft Plus Automatic Coffee Machine

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Carimali Armonia Soft Plus Automatic Coffee Machine

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Most noteworthy Carimali is a privately owned Group of companies. However still very devoted to the production and sales of coffee equipment. Therefore our production comprehends a wide range of fully automatic coffee machines. Together with a number of related espresso equipment and accessories.

Especially relevant is the the group headquarters are based in Bergamo – Italy. And the main production factory is located on a surface area of 20.000 smq. Also a second production unit is based in Suzhou – China. Which also serves as distribution hub into the area. In addition to the Carimali Italian-made machines. Most of all we are committed to an ethical behaviour. And culture in all our business domains. Hence Trying to stand out as an example and leading beacon. When compared to another styles of results driven companies.

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